Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Classroom Nightmares...No Literally

Yes, it's sometimes frustrating and more often annoying when folks start sharing his or her bizarre dreams.

So I'm having lunch with Neil Patrick Harris, and then I transform into a bird... 

Nobody cares.

But here's the deal.  I keep having various forms of the same nightmare where the school year has started, and ostensibly everyone else has been preparing  for weeks.  The students are all showing up, classes are set up and rolling, copies have all been made.  However, I apparently got dates confused and just showed up DAY ONE with nothing!  No classroom, no syllabus, no plan.  Just totally fucked.   
This "classroom picture" really cracks me up.  I like the  kid  who's given up in the back.
In one of my nightmares my classroom was unexpectedly moved to the gym, which then actually became the pool.  No floor!  I had to teach ENGLISH in the POOL. Now, how do you really get through the day without some water damage?  And what would happen to the essays?  Where do you sharpen your pencil?  Where do they even keep their pencils?  I shudder to think...

Last night's had me teaching African American studies.  Um, I never took that course in college, and my first thought is MLK, Jr.  That wouldn't get me very far.  Then I figured out that I wasn't even in the right room and go running down the hall to "my" classroom except three other teachers are in there just shooting the shit while my students have left the building.  Nightmare!

So maybe these aren't the "faceless stranger chasing you down the dark and foggy road where you can't run fast enough" variety of nightmares, but for me they are terrifying.
I cannot stand the idea of not being prepared, which really boils down to not being in control. Shocker.  My Type A personality likes control?  This is such news!

This upcoming year they've added grade level juniors to my schedule which I've already taught a couple of years ago, but we're changing it up this year, so I suppose this is my mind's way of coping.  But damn, this is starting to get to me.  I'm going to have to hit up the copy machine mid July to get a jump on things.  

I'll pop some Melatonin and see if I can have the nice puppy--unicorn--rainbow--ice cream--David Beckham variety dream instead.

Oh, and I once had a make out dream with Jack Nicholson.  Not cute

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